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Some Walks in Trotternish near the Old Mill Cottage



There are many beautiful walks in Trotternish very near the Old Mill Cottage - the Uig Community Website (for whose permission to use the photographs on this page we are grateful) lists some excellent local walks.


One of the best times for walking in Trotternish is during the evening and early morning, particularly in the summer months when there are long periods of daylight and an extended twilight. The colours take on an extra richness and vibrancy at these times. Moreover, beautiful sunrises and sunsets can be enjoyed such as the one over Uig Bay, taken by © Lydia Wilson.








Daytime walking is of course a joy too and glorious views can be had from all the walks listed. The picture on the left shows the mountains of the Isle of Harris seen from near Uig. Trotternish is famous for the Trotternish Ridge which runs down the centre of the region all the way to Portree. The ridge features the spectacular rock formations of the Old Man of Storr at the south end, and the Quiraing at the north end, near the holiday cottage. Much of the ridge is easy to walk along, and there are views to the Outer Isles in the north and west, the Cuillins in the south, and the mainland in the east. Wherever you walk in Trotternish there are great views because it is surrounded on three sides by the sea and practically whichever direction you look there are islands and / or mountains to be seen over the sea.


On the following page is another list of excellent walks in Trotternish from which such spectacular views can be obtained.









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